Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cross Nationals Update

Mudder Friday morning. Opted to skip the noon open course time. Rode out to the park around 3:30 and rode 3 laps of the course at 4. Firmed up and was tacky.

Raced 10am this morning. Legs felt good. Somehow I was taken out on lap 1. The guy crashed on a smooth slight downhill and went into me. Chain fell off and all. Besides that, it was a good fun race. Ended up 31st out of 50 some. Kevin rocked out a 12th place finish. Nice job dude.

Watched jauque-maynes kill the 30-34 masters. Again, why is he racing masters. Then Brandon Dwight went on to give a clinic to the 35+ guys. Masters 40-45 was a thrill with some excitement up front. Weinert was near the front on lap 1 with a front row calllup. Wissink picked off 30-40 guys in the first lap to get into the top 5. The front selection was made and he was chasing the front 2 for most of the race. Hovered between 8 and 10 seconds, but never contact. The Wiz finished a strong 3rd which should get him a callup next year, right? What a fast and fun race to watch.

Collegiate race in the morning. Supposed to be a low of 50F tonight and drop through the day. I wonder if the 20-30mph winds will die down?

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