Monday, December 15, 2008


Just my luck, I flatted my front tire on lap 1, 10 seconds past the pit, and only 30 seconds into the race. Luckily the Stan's was able to keep the tire pseudo glued to my rimstrip. The tire never came off, but I had to be very careful. Slow corners, no standing (on a course that was almost all standing). So I rode about 3/4 of a lap on a front flat. Back in 40th position.

Went into the pit, took my wheel off, got a Zipp 404 from the SRAM guys, and was on my way 30 seconds later. Spent the next 40 minutes catching back up. Definitely a hard race. Was able to finish in 15th place. Probably would have been around top 10 if I had not flatted.

Our team did very good. We had Kevin finish a strong 2nd, only 10 seconds back from Colin Cares. Conor rode a great race and finished a nice 7th. Team ended up 2nd by a few points in the D2 Mens, but with no women, we ended up 6th overall.

Good weekend. So, Oregon next year?

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