Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wow, the year is over. I reached my goal of over 10,000 miles. I finished with 10,515 miles for 2008.

I took two weeks off after cross nationals. Did some bike maintenance and found the problem to my flat tire in the collegiate race. The valve of my rimstrip tore almost all the way off and resulted in a quick flat tire 30 seconds into my race.

Haven't done too much. Ate a bunch of food and goodies. Did some skiing tried to enjoy the snow while it was here. Now it is back on the bike and get some miles back in my legs. I fly out January 8th for the next semester. I'll do some road racing in the spring, then head back to Michigan for the summer for some good ole mountain biking with the fun racers here in the mitten. Looking forward to a good 2009.

Looks like a month or so of school, then off to Phoenix for the Valley of the Sun stage race. Looking for a decent result and get some racing in so hopefully I will be able to upgrade this season so I can race A's in collegiate. I guess I need to be a 3. Happy New Year.

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Shawn said...

Happy new year brent.