Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Breakdown

This past year I decided to reach out and push for 10,000 miles. Shawn came up with a great challenge and there was good competition involved. My mileage has dramatically increased over the past few years. Lets take a look.

2005- 3,541 miles
2006- 6,326 miles
2007- 8,481 miles

2008 I ramped it up and finished the year with 10,515 miles.

I took 5 weeks off during the year with no riding.

Total bike hours were 690.

That is about 1:53 of saddle time per day

And an average of 28.7 miles ridden per day

Here is the breakdown by bike

Scott CR1: 2877.5

Kona Jake the Snake: 2,734.5

Kona Hei Hei Supreme: 2,068.9

Cannondale R1000: 1,926.5

Yeti ARC SS: 728.4

Trainer (Using the 10,000 Challenge ratio of 2/3): 179.2

Here is the breakdown of races I did

XC: 7
TT: 4

Cyclocross: 10 races

Road: 6

Here is to a good 2009!

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