Sunday, February 01, 2009


I'll just leave you with this. 3.5hrs of bliss.


Cruise said...

The weather is slightly different here.... though today was nice..

BrendanBenson said...

I heard from Cruise that you're going to become a roadie this summer.

Brent said...

I don't know about that. I am going to do some mountain races and likely a few road races as well. I am thinking about hitting up the velodrome for the first time as well if it all works out.

glen_423 said...

4 weeks into my training and I have put in +35 hours on my CompuTrainer and that adds up to over 400 miles. Mondays are my weigh in day and I have lost over 6 lb in the first 4 weeks. It is really hard to ride 3 hours at a time on a trainer (at least my ass is going to be in great shape by the first race). He has me riding 6 day a week with the killer days being Tuesday and Thursdays (I hate high cadence training and anything that has to do with one legged training). Saturday also sucks that is my 3 hour day.

See you in May