Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where am I going with this?

Haven't posted in a while. Not too much to write about. I think this is going to be pretty random. Rode by bike a bit, did some good skiing, did a ski race, taking an easy week on the bike.

Weather was nice for a while, then we had a few days of low clouds and rain. Got in a couple rides in a few sprinkles, but nothing ever developed. Did a 19 mile XC ski at 11,000ft last weekend. It was better than riding in the rain all day. Good thing we have lots of choices around here. The following day I did a ski race. It was fun, but racing on waxless skis was a huge disadvantage. Just out to have fun. I repped a Wheaties skinsuit for the race as well. Good times!

After some good weeks on the bike, I backed it off this week to give my body some recovery. I can't stand only riding my bike easy for a couple hours. When it comes to weeks like this, it teaches me how much I like to ride my bike all day. Next week it all starts up again and I can't wait. The temps will be mid 40's and sunny. That means it feels mid-50's!!! Dang, just looking at the schedule, and I see we are almost in February. I need to calculate my miles for the 10,000 challenge. I feel like I am cheating by riding in better conditions than back home. This also means that in two weeks I will be hitting up the first races of the year. Should be interesting seeing how the fitness is a getting in the first intensity of the year. Its a 3-day stage race. Valley of the Sun down in Phoenix, AZ. Should be warm. I need to figure out this TT stuff. Aerobars and funky helmets? I am thinking of going to Moab the week after that to do some SSing on the red dirt. It's only 100 miles away, I can't believe I haven't gone yet.

Wow, that was a lot of words. Lets see some visual stimulus.

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