Monday, March 09, 2009


Well, the second weekend of collegiate racing has passed here in Colorado, and the races have been great so far. The first weekend was a crit on the CSU campus, then another crit on the Colorado College campus the next day. I was able to do both the A race and the 3 race on the Saturday, then the A race again on Sunday morning. It was a good weekend of getting used to road racing and moving around in crits. Not like mountain biking where you can just ride your bike without thinking.

This past weekend was a crit hosted by DU at City Park in Denver. It was a fun course with three roundabouts and everyone was riding really smooth. I was basically useless for this race. After my first week of hard intensity and some good hours, my legs just didn't want to respond. I thought I was going to pop 10 minutes into the race. Just no legs that day. I was able to stay in, and with 10-15 minutes to go, the whole race blew up into small groups. I bridged some gaps and got into the main group, which was wittled down nicely. Rode in for 14th. Better than dropping out. Needless to say, I skipped the 3 race in an effort to save my legs. After all , it's the first week of March.

Sunday was an individual time trial, as well as a team TT. I put on the stubby aero bars on the road bike and went for some good intensity. I had some better legs today and the power was good. I finished 13th with a 20:38. It was a tight field with places 3-13 separated by only 23 seconds.

Next up was the TTT. We started with myself and Adam, another A racer, then a B and C racer. We smoked the first section of technical turns. I lead and flew through the S turns and 90deg turns all out. If I would have done that in my ITT, I could have shaved some good time off, but I was not as comfortable with the setup early on. So, we dropped the C early before he could do any work for us. Then it was all about trying to keep the B with us. The last section I pulled, while Adam pushed the guy up the rollers. We still had a decent time, and got some points for it. I think we did a 21:05.

After those races, it was off for a nice 2hr spin over to Golden to ride up Lookout Mtn and back. Fun ride with a sweet downhill coming down Lookout. Great day to be riding a bike. Mid 60's and bluebird skies.

Now its just time for some good riding this week, then off to CU and UNC for a couple more crits next weekend.

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Shawn said...

Wish I new you were at city park. My house is 2 miles from there.