Monday, March 16, 2009

Race Weekend #3

CU hosted a crit in Boulder on Saturday. It was a pretty fun race and basically just an oval with no hard turns. It was a great race to move around in. Back, middle, front, I saw it all. On the 6th to last lap, I was sitting in good position near the front when I flatted the rear tire. Ran over to the pit to grab a wheel. Free Lap. The official said she would let me back in, but only once the group went by. Huh? So I jump back in once the CSU lead group flies by at 30-32 mph getting their leadout going. 1.5 laps later, I was back on with no lungs left. SUFFER! Sat in to try and recover for a half a lap, then starting moving my way back up. Last lap comes and sure enough there is a pileup halfway around the course. I come to a complete stop as no not get in the crash with no where to go. Soft pedaled it in for the finish.

Grabbed some food and decided to skip out on the open races for some climbing up in the mountains. Went out for a two hour jaunt to Jamestown and back in awesome weather. Great scenic ride and sweet roads. Good 4hr day on the bike!

Sunday was the UNC crit in Greeley. I got off in a break for a little while early in the race and collected some premes along the way. Kevin got into a break later that lasted until 4 to go. The team rode really well together and we were well represented and scored good on the preme points. 1/3 of the way into the last lap(long laps) Adam took over and pinned it. I came around and lead out of the bottom of the course up the grade just before the last finishing traffic circle. I pulled off and soft pedaled it in. We had a good pace going, but two of our guys got boxed in at the bottom circle and were pushed back a bit, so the leadout didn't work perfect. One more guy, or a later start to the leadout, and we could have had it. We'll get it down soon I am sure. Fun race though.

Then I managed to wipeout in some gravel on my cooldown and totally jack up my shoulder. Pretty sure I popped it out of socket. It's a bit sore. Hopefully it heals up quick.

Next up is our home race with a hill climb up the Monument and a twilight crit at the local race track. Sunday is the first road race of the year. I am looking forward to it. After that I might be going down to Boulder to race their version of Paris-Roubaix or MI's Cone Azalia. Koppenburg sounds like a blast!


Cruise said...

All past cone winners must be in attendance!

Brent said...

Ah, If only!! Last year was great basically doing an ITT on the cross bike! Just make sure you take that 3 win from last year and make it a win in the 1/2's. I'll have to win the 3 race here then!