Monday, March 23, 2009

Race Weekend #4: Home

First weekend I haven't had to travel in a few weeks. Even though we missed out on Chimayos in Silverthorne, it was nice to be able to work out of home base for the weekend.

Saturday morning we rode out to Fruita for the hill climb. I had a decent run at it and posted a new PR by 1:14 over the 4 mile course. I took of way to easy in it, as my HR was 10 beats below threshold 2 minutes into the 16:28 race. Rode back home, and had 50 miles in the legs for the morning.

Food and nap were next on tap. Then off to the crit. We were racing at the local motor speedway/shifter-cart course. Collegiate A's had the best race of the day as we went off at 7:15 for a twilight crit. It was sweet. Because of the technical nature and fast/hard corners, the whole race was strung out-which we all know means fast! After an early crash, the field split into 2 groups. We had Conor and Kevin in the first, and Adam and I in the second. After Adam told me what I should be doing, we had some nice teamwork and covering the guys trying to bridge the gap. We got close, but with only a couple people working, and us trying to slow them down and not work, it never came back. Conor attacked and was in a 2-man break. In true fashion, he pulled off the W. NICE! Yeah, only 20 of the 36 finished, all others were pulled. FAST.

It stared off with some light

Got darker-Kevin attacks

Then really dark by the time we finished:Conor in the break

That turned into a late night with some good dinner in us. Up at 6am with not enough sleep. 9am was the start of a killer road race. Big steep climb, another climb, long 4 mile 2-4% grade, long gradual downhill, then another kick in the ass climb. Do 4 loops, then the 8 miles back to the start. 74 miles of pain! Being the last day of a hard 3-week training block, and after hard races the day before, I was looking to keep with the group for the first climb. I made it, and made it a lap, until the final climb, where I popped along with a bunch of others. Throughout the day, I rode with like 10 different people, and only 3 of us finished the race. 14 of the 38 people dropped out. Got some good hard miles in the legs, which should help come the time I really want to be fast.


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