Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Week Off (The Skinny Tires)

What a refresher. After 4 weeks straight of riding and racing on the road bike, I was able to set it in the corner and leave it be. Such a great mental refresher. Don't get me wrong, I like to ride my road bike, but there is just something about MTBing that I don't get on the skinny tires. I can't wait for the summer and fall when I can ride/race the mountain bike, and don't have to think about road racing. Sometimes it is really fun, other times it is freaking boring, and then other times it just plain sucks. At least when you MTB and you feel like bricks, you can still rip the DH and have a smile on your face!

So, all I did this week was ride my MTB. What a blast. I stayed in the valley and hit up some stuff that I don't ride much, some I have never ridden, and did some of my favorites.

All of these photos are from the Lunch Loops here in town. Crazy fun trails, all clearable on the hardtail.

Lookout from partway up the Ribbon Trail

Ribbon is the only slickrock trail in the valley. Steep. 3 miles and 2,000ft of climbing.

That section was 1/2 mile and an average of 17.5%. That was 4mph!

The top. I guess a lot of people shuttle it and ride big bikes down. I think it is better uphill.

Next week is back to building some fitness again. The weekend we'll be down in Golden for a hill climb up Lookout Mt and then a crit on the Mines campus. Should be some good intensity. I bet the trails down there will be sweet with the recent snow(melt). Nice and tacky!


Cruise said...

MI trails are gonna be a joke when you're back haha

Brent said...

Yeah, considering I've ridden my cross bike on like 1/2 of the SE MI trails. I'll probably come back and not be able to ride MI trails with the 20mph corners!