Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Collegiate Nationals

The Truckee/Tahoe area is sweet!

Raced XC on Friday. 4 - 7.5 mile laps. Big climb up, descend down. Was a little conservative on the DH, but finished on the podium in 4th.

Short track Saturday morning. Started up a loose gravel climb. Lots of rubbing and leaning on each other. Just as I think I am clear of any trouble, some guy comes flying up and takes me out. Fly off the bike and run back to it. Look back and I am dead last all through lap 1. Rally the rest of the time and finish 6th. Was on the wheel of 4th & 5th, but ran out of time.

Did a sweet loop of the XC afterward and watched some four cross.

Made sure I looked like a fool on the podium.

Rode to Lake Tahoe with Cruise and some of his teammates. Views and ride was awesome.

Watched some downhill and yelled at Joe too much.

Drove back all day yesterday.

It's pouring rain here now. Time to get wet. Iceman is 18 days away. Let's see if I can keep some fitness.


Shawn said...

way to go!!!

Cruise said...

your bike matches both of your kits, flamer

Timothy Finkelstein said...

You are a stud!!!