Saturday, October 10, 2009

While the Weather is Dismal...

for most of you. Seems like is has rained a lot in Michigan this week. And those down in Denver have been treated to freezing temperatures and fluffy white stuff. Way to early for me. On the other hand, the weather on this side is quite nice. I got a fun ride in Fruita today. Blue skies, sunny, and 70 degrees.


In other news, my racing schedule is looking to be really fun with some of the biggest races in the country coming up. We leave in a couple days for Truckee, CA for collegiate MTB nationals. Two weeks later we have the Boulder Cup UCI cyclocross race weekend. Then the following week I will be setting sail back to the mitten for the all mighty ICEMAN!!! I'm so stoked. Might have to get a few sessions behind the motor after Nationals to pick my legs speeds up!

Here is my Iceman bike. 19.01 lbs.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

How did you score the new frame?

Brent said...

I broke my other one! I broke it just as a batch of the new frames were coming into Waterloo. It is sweet!