Monday, April 05, 2010


Just kinda cruising through.

Pics thanks to Kristy at

-Had a fun trip down to Fontana for the first Pro XCT a couple weeks ago.

-Did a good pre-ride Friday with a bunch of the U23 guys.

-Wrecked hard on the pre-ride and lost some confidence.

-Race day was alright finishing in the 50's of 90 pro guys.

-The 34T chain ring was a painful grind up the elevator climb.

-The results are different on 3 cycling websites

-Short track was dusty and painful

-In 'N Out was good

-10.5 hours back to Durango, 3 more to GJ

-Came home for 3 days to do laundry and school

-Drove down to Hurricane, UT for another MTB race

-Legs felt okay, but flatted twice

-Cruised the last lap in with Mitchell

-Had a good time around the campfire

-Shredded some sweet trails. JEM was soooooo dialed

-Drove back to GJ where it is 50mph winds and high in the 30's tomorrow

-Sea Otter in 2 weeks

-Living the dream riding my bike and hanging with cool people


Scott Cole said...

Will you be at the LJ100 this summer? If I don't see you there, good luck and have fun with your season! Scott Cole

Brent said...

No LJ for me this year. I will be back in the midwest a few times for the Subaru Cup, Ore 2 Shore, and Iceman! Maybe I'll see you at one of the races?