Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last weekend was awesome. After traveling every week/weekend for the last couple months, I am finally at the stage where I get to stay home. This is the PERFECT time of year to be here. Last weekend I was able to get out and enjoy the awesome trails in the valley, a majority of the stuff I never get out and ride. The weather was top notch, with highs in the upper 70's and bluebird skies. Couldn't ask for better weather.

Pre-rode the Rabbit Valley course with Mike on Saturday. There's a MSC race there next weekend which could be entertaining. Not my type of course, but it will shake stuff up. Went back out to Fruita Sunday and did a sweet exploration loop on many of the lesser-ridden trails at 18Rd. Got in some good climbing with a nice mix of dirt roads and some super buff 1-track.

This weekend we have the race at RV on Saturday and Sunday. I'll likely just do the XC Sunday as registration fees are way high. Has the price of promoters insurance skyrocketed in the last year? Everything else in this economy is becoming cheaper as disposable income has shrank with lack of dollars flowing through peoples pockets. All the races I have done this year have been over $50. I can maybe see $50 for a sweet XC in the pro class where they are paying out, but $45 for a 20 minute TT on Saturday is whack. So, I might head down and hang out, or I might go on up to Ranchstyle. Nothing like watching a bunch of freeride nutjobs ride crazy fast and hit mega-air.

Next week is the Fruita Fat Tire Festival. First time I have ever been in town for it. Some people from the mitten are headed down so it should be fun to show off some of the local jems. After that, it is time to buckle down and get serious about riding bikes. Need to get fast for the summer. I also am done with school in a couple weeks. I'll get one of those expensive pieces of paper that says I'm edumakated.


Shawn said...

I thought you graduated next year. Are you going to look for work soon? CO or MI?

Brent said...

I wish I had another year! I'll be sticking around CO for sure. Didn't know they have jobs in MI!