Monday, April 26, 2010

MSC #1

Did the first round of the MSC series this weekend here in Fruita. I skipped out on the TT on Saturday, but hung out at the event all day. The weather was bluebird skies and 70 degrees. I finally got out for a ride about 3:30pm and rode the first 6 miles then came back the return route.

Sunday the weather was just as nice, but a stiff headwind the first 10 miles of the course. The first 10 miles were 2-track with some rollers and sand. A few pileups, broken chains, and people stuck in sand blew the pack up a bit. Suffered the first 45 minutes to the top of the mesa before riding for 30 minutes on what felt like a paint-mixer. Rough. I hit the wall after 1.5 hours and suffered bad the next 50 minutes. I thought it was the big effort the first hour and the no recovery, but it could have been the food. A bowl of granola with a piece of bread at 8am might not hold me until the 12:45 start time. And 2 gels for 2:20 might not be the smartest idea. Ah well, it was fun and we picked off people near the end. I thought I was near the back of the pack, but I ended up 34th of 54, so not too bad for early season riding.

It is finally time for me to start hitting the blocks and training hard for the important races later this summer. It all starts tomorrow morning! Can't wait to suffer and start becoming fast again!

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