Sunday, May 09, 2010

Killer Weekend

I've finally got back into the training groove and started a big block to get me flying later in the summer. I put some big hard rides in earlier this week, and capped it off with a couple awesome loops this weekend.

I camped out at 18Rd with some friends on Friday night and had a good time. Perfect sleeping weather and great conditions.

Saturday was the Edge Loop out in Fruita. Started in the lower desert and went up and around. Rob and Mike were both killing it and we were all feeling good about the ride until we saw a guy on a UNICYCLE. Really. He was attempting to ride a unicycle on the 32 mile Edge Loop. We saw him at the waterfall and he was already 5 hour in. Crazy!

Today was a nice day to ride up high and explore. We rode from GJ up to Turkey Flats, and then came back JS->21 1/2 Rd->LPR->Gunny Loop. An awesome 4 hours of riding in the high country with 5500ft of climbing.

My legs are a bit tender with 25 hours in them this week. Time to take a day off, then keep on building. Chalk Creek is next weekend and it is going to hurt with the fatigue monster taking full control of my legs.

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