Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year

2012 already?  I feel like 2011 went by way to fast, but maybe it was just related to how much fun I had.  I traveled to new places, met new people, created new friendships, and have too many stories to tell.

I've got some big plans for 2012, but nothing crazy.  Try a few new things, check off some to-do's, and hopefully come home with even more stories from awesome adventures.

I logged the least amount of days on my bike this past December, than any December in the last 5 years.  Not sure why.  Motivation, weather, life, skiing, it all took it's place.  While I'm missing out on a little fitness, I am mentally fresh and ready to have a strong 2012 season.

While my bike got lonely, I wasn't just sitting on the couch.  After my Vegas trip, I did a few days at a hut trip.  Some good friends, tasty food, wrong turns, 2hr detours on the skis made the trip a success.  While the snow was lacking, the fun wasn't.  With my bike in transit to a warmer climate, I spent the next 4 days playing in the snow close to town.  Whether it was a bitter cold night ski with the headlamp, or skiing powder lines on bluebird days, it was great for the mind.

Coming into Christmas I checked off a bucket list item: flying X-Mas eve.  I arrived at the airport at 4:30pm in Grand Junction, and after connections in Phoenix and Philly, I landed in Detroit and was home by 11am X-Mas day!  2.5 days with the family was nice.  Food, card games, bowling, and hiking were all mixed in.  Up again at 3:45am on the 28th and I was on my bike at 12 noon in Tucson, AZ.  Been down here all week working on my tan and getting my legs back under me.

It's been good.  Starr Pass trails, Saguro National Park, Mt Lemmon, The Cookie Cabin, Shoot Out Ride, Gates Pass and more.  I've hit the typical stuff and the weather has been phenominal.  Sunny and mid-70's all week.  A few more days then back to Grand Junction.  It is definitely colder, but mid-40's and rideable trail isn't too bad for January.

See ya on the flip side.

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