Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rough Couple Months

Life is good, but things were not going my way the last month plus.  The winter weather was stellar and I was in great cycling shape, especially for the end of January.  Then I had a knee injury that would set me back for a month.  20 minute rides, lots of rest, and lots of getting fat and slow.  As inpatient as I am, I actually took the time to be smart and give it rest.  It slowly got better.

I had a flight to Austin, TX for the first round of the Pro XCT series March 1st.  That week, I had a bit of a cold that seemed to get better.  Race day was brutal.  No energy, low HR, I just thought I was out of shape completely.  That night, my cold virus turned on me.  I spent the next 4 days in bed with the fever and pain in everything.  Miserable.  The good news is I am almost 100% and starting to ride again.  Good thing, because it is 70 degrees and sunny!

 Winter finally hit when I flew out.  Perfect
 Dempsey's Ride!
 Just a bit of carbon for the two of us
 Feel like shit and sick?  Walk down the street and get some donuts!
Did a ride through the UT campus and downtown Austin Sunday, after a late night on the town the previous day.

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