Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dry, Sun, Bikes, Snow, Videos...

Let's get down to a few things here.  Bike riding is fun.  Even if you are injured.  New bikes always make riding a good time.
Temps have been mid-40's to 50's with dry trail, so it's hard to stop having fun.  So, to make life more interesting...

I did a little snow bike racing at the Teva Mtn Games in Vail this past weekend.  Somehow I lost all of my snow riding skills acquired when I was slogging around in Michigan.  Check the video from my cockpit:

In other news, if you are anywhere near Fruita middle of April, we have been hard at work getting ready for our Rumble at 18Rd race.  You better click here to see what the awesomeness if all about!

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