Monday, January 23, 2012

Self Control

I lack it.  Too much time and too many fun activities to do.  It's hard to stop and just chill out.

This past weekend the region finally received some much needed snow.  That meant our local mountain had 11" of fluffy white powder, while it rained down in the valley.  Perfect, our trails needed some moisture.  Can you say Hero Dirt?!  When the weather cooperates, what is a guy to do but enjoy it.

I spent 3 hours breaking fresh skin tracks to the top of the mountain in search of fresh powder turns.  With 5,000ft of ascending on the skis, I became greedy and snatched up first turns on the best 3 runs before the lifts even opened.  A great morning workout done by 9am and some glory points!

I followed that up by riding lifts a few times.  Some more powder was had, then I called it a morning when I realized I might hurt myself making sloppy fatigued turns.

By 12:30 I was on the knobby tire bike and headed up.  Feeling good, I had thoughts of claiming another 5,000ft vertical.  As luck would have it, I saw my coach descending the National Monument as I was headed up.  With my Ipod in, I could not hear what he said, but with the finger pointing, I can only imagine.  That got me thinking I might put myself into a hole and not get the quality out of my efforts this week.  Bah, but I did get 2.5hr and 3,000ft in on another beautiful day in the valley.

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