Friday, February 17, 2006

Back on the Trainer

Yesterday was a day of leg fatigue, so I took the signs of overtraining after a partial way into the MTBing Carmichael DVD. Instead, I took the time I had to do some Pilates and Plyometrics. I ended up doing 100 jump lunges, and 100 hindu squats.

This morning I woke up only to notice that thos eplyometrics don't just work your quads, but your calves also. I guess that jumping is done with the calf muscles! I left school and hour early today since i don't go to assemblies, and I rode the trainer. What kind of weird teen am I...Leave a school pep assembly for riding a bike inside. Yeah, well thats me. I actually care about one thing in life; Mountain Biking!!! So, I rode the MTBing DVD which felt aawesome, then I did a little upper body workout of bench press, bicep curls, tricep raises and pull-ups. All of the weights I did was 3 sets of at least 15 reps. I am just toning and strengthining the upper body muscles to keep my bike under control and climb better. Later on in the night, I jumped back on the trainer and rode mostly the climbing DVD and a little of the sprinting DVD while watching the Olympics again. This whole Olympics thing is cool; I actually have something to watch on the 6 stations on TV!!!

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