Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Finally a warm day in the Cold Week

We finally got a little cold weather relief today as the high hit in the low 40's. It hit 43 degrees yesterday, but I had to go skate, which was a great workout. I rushed home from school, threw the road bike on the car, got fressed, then headed out for ILRA. I had planned on riding 40 miles, but once I realized my legs were tired and sore, I took an easier ride and ended up putting in 32 miles. The temperature never dropped, so it was very comfortable and the sun actually popped out for a "few" minutes. The weatherman says it is going to rain and be in the 40's tommorrow, then it will drop into the 20's for Friday with a light all day snow. The weekedn is supposed to have a high of 20 on SAT and 25 on SUN. Looking ahead, I think I will be hitting the trainer, then riding the SS in the snow and falling snow, riding the trainer again, then ending the weekend with a ride on the SS again.

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