Monday, February 13, 2006

Rough Day

Yesterday was a fun day trying to sell extra bike accesories and wlaking around and checking out new stuff at the Annual MMBA Expo. It was fun and nice to see everyone during the slow winter days. The only problem I had was that I stood almost all day and my legs were aching.

I didn't have the ambition or time to train yesterday, so it overlapped to today. I did weights at school, then came home and did Pilates, then more weights(Leg Extention, Lunges, Hamstring Curls). After that, it was off to work for me for an hour, then back home and I jumped on the trainer to ride for an hour. I did various types of riding from high cadence intervals o ten minute muscle tension intervals. All of this was riding to the Olympics!!! It was fine until NBC only showed FIGURE SKATING. I immediately tuned into the Canadien station for some speed skating(yeah, I want thighs like those guys).

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