Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Rain=More Trainer Riding

The rain is still pouring. One minute it is just drizzling, the next it is downpuring. It is totally random and sucks. This crappy drawn out span of weather reminded me about the 17 days we had at the end of November into December that was all cloudy and 17 minutes of sun. How great can the weather be.

I rode the trainer again today. It actually felt really good and I got in some great strength training and sprinting intervals. I am really in the mood for an outside ride. At least I didn't do 12 Hours of Addison in the rain today. That turned out to be a drivetrain mess and a torn up trail. Boyne better be dry in 2 weeks when I attempt 12H solo for prep for Lumberjack.

So my parents asked me about what I wanted for a graduation gift. I didn't know, but know that I have time to look, I think I found it. Here is the deal. I am thinking of buying a new roadbike that will FIT me. Right now I am riding a 54cm Felt and I am 5'11". The seat is high and the habdlerbars are too low and can't go higher along with a top tube too short. I have put in tons of hours on it already and its only May. I am thinking a bike that fits and is comfortable should be nice. I am really enjoying road riding more this year that I have become better and more independent. The bike I am looking at is a Cannondale Six13 Pro 2. It is aluminum frame with carbon downtube, Ultegra gruppo, and Mavic Kyserium Elite wheels. I am going to go to REI to see if I can get one. I am looking into some road racing next year with maybe one or two later this year. The road bike might be able to be ridden while I am at college too!

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