Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A sunny day-Well, kind of

The last few days I have been inside riding on the trainer doing intervals. Today was b-e-a-utiful. Sunny and in the 70's after a weeks worth of rain. I got home, stretched, at a granola bar, pumped up the tires, and then I was off for the first ride of the past week outside. It felt as if it was the first ride of the year after riding the trainer all year long. So I was off riding from home to the back of ILRA then to Kensington. The ride was good and I looped Kensington and came back to ILRA and headed to the back again. About halfway through ILRA, the sky was dark and it started pouring. It didn't bother me even though all other bikers left or sat under pavilians. I kept riding and rode for about 30 minutes until the steady rain stopped. The temp went from 73 to 54 in the time that the rain came and went. I wasn't too cold, but I figured wy ride home when I was already soaked and my shoes were puddles. I rode back into Kensington and around back to ILRA. I then headed off for home. On the way home the sun shot out again and it looked good. I got in 6o miles with a 19.1 mph average riding endurance pace with a 158 avg HR. The first 40 miles that were dry had a average speed of 20.1. I took some caution once the rain came figuring that it might be a little slick-especially the freshly paved section in Kensington. The rain came again later in the ride for a quick 5 minute downfall, but that was it. It felt good to get outside and the rain wasn;t much of a factor. After all, there are random quick showers up at high altitude in CO!

Depending on the weather, I might ride again tommorrow then off to Fort Custer for some long training days getting ready for Boyne and Lumberjack. 12 Hours of Boyne is only 10 days away. I can't wait to suffer!

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