Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ride and Recovery

After the trainer rides and the 60 miler yesterday, I took today off as recovery. I packed everything up for Fort Custer this weekend. I am hoping to maybe get a ride in tommorrow night and the ride most of all day Saturday to get a boat load of miles in. I packed my HID so I can get used to night riding again before the 12H of Boyne. I packed the Gu, Gu2O, Cliff Bars, Cliff Blocks, E-caps and fid nutons to see how I can get it all in and eat right while riding all day. It should be fun.

I came home from school and also got a good ride in. It wasn't a leg burning ride, but it was painful. I rode one of these!

The painful part was not being able to go full speed since the grass was looooong and wet. Should be a fun weekend. I will be riding both the YETI on my own, and the SS while I ride with the group.

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