Sunday, May 21, 2006

Successfull Training at the Fort

Friday was a quick day at school and then the drive down to the Fort. We got there and set up the tent fast, got a bite to eat and then realized I had time to ride. I went out with my dad and rode the red loop at a decent speed on the SS. He was done after that jaunt, so I speed off into the woods to ride the green and the blue loops. I love single speeds. They are just so fun to ride. Fort Custer seemed like a good place for the SS and I was having a blast on it. I logged 21 miles on Friday night before going in for dinner.

I woke up Saturday morning after sleeping great in the tent and quickly found some food at 7 am. I sat by the fire and hydrated before pulling the geared bike out to ride. At about 8:45, I went out and did a red to green and back to red loop while coming back to camp via the blue trial. I came back to camp and grabbed some fig nuetons and twizzlers for some more energy. Went back out with Trevor and my dad-who rode my SS for the first time and rode the red loop. I kept on riding and hooked up on Green and blue again. Back at camp, the rest of the group showed up and was getting ready for a ride. I switched bikes and went for 20 miles on the SS with the group, but I was leading so I got a good ride while being able to socialize. Went back out later and rode more blue and red, then Danielle and I went and rode green at a slower pace. After the 78 miles, I was still feeling good, and the energy food was wroking for me. Hoepfully it will work good at Boyne next weekend.

Sunday I rode with my family for a recovery ride. We got in 20 miles and my legs actuall felt fresh. I couldn't notice much fatigue or pain at all. I am looking for this as a sign that I will feel good after endurace events-yeah right! If its sunny tommorrow, I will be heading down to Hines Drive for the Monday Night ride. I hope it is a hammerfest, therefore can get a good hard ride in before I wind down and do light rides along with recovery to get the legs snappy for 12H of Boyne!

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