Thursday, December 07, 2006

More LSD Please!!!

I know a lot of people who dread going out in the cold to ride long slow distance. I have not seemed to mind it a bit. It is a nice change up from intervals, hill climbs, and hammerfests. I would not mind some nice HOT weather, but at least it is not 33F and raining! I was able to get out again today for a 2.5hr ride on a little bit or gravel, paved roads, and snow covered rail trail. The sun was out for half of the ride, melting the slight layer of powder. Once the sun went down, the melted snow started turning to ice in some spots. It was a bit nippy out today, but my garb worked out pretty well. For the 20F and 2W/C temps, I layered up with knee warmers under the tights, a base layer underarmor, long sleeve jeresy, wind/rain jacket, and a balaclava to warm the face. My fingers stayed nice and warm with my new Moose Mitts. They work really well and all I wear is a wind glove underneath, which I tend to sweat in due to the heat.

Did some Pilates tonight as well. Off to the gym, then a hike later in the day tommorrow.

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