Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring Break!

Well, that doesn't look too promising. It's been snowing/sleeting/raining all morning long. It has been coming down extremely hard and the wind has been whipping good too. It looks like a trainer ride is in store for today. I sure as hell am not riding in that type of crap outside.

Since I haven't had school this week, I have been able to get a few rides in. I put in a good ride on Tuesday around Northville, South Lyon, Brighton and Milford. The roads were a bit wet, but nothing a fender and fair of AmFibs couldn't fix. Yesterday I took a trip out to a much more metropolis area to ride with Randy. It is much different out there than it is around here. After crusing around there for a while, I have a greater appreciation for where I live. I can cruise out my driveway and ride rural roads with few stops signs, lights, or cars. The pavement is all smooth and you can pedal for hours on a road bike. A half mile down the road, I can hit dirt which will take me to many different areas of singletrack. It's a pretty nice central and rural location.
I'm looking for this rain and other precipitation type stuff to leave so I can go ride outside. Riding a trainer is not what I want to do during my spring break. And why is Spring Break at the end of February-that's just dumb. Give me a week off in April so I can go shred some singletrack!

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