Friday, March 02, 2007


Dang, is it gusting out there or what. This morning we had pockets of snow, strong winds, and blizzard-like white-out conditions. Luckily by around noon when I was heading out for my ride, the snow stopped and it was clear. That was a good thing because I sure as hell didn't want to get hit today and I really didn't want to ride the trainer. The snow was gone, but the wind never died. The good thing about that though was the awesome tailwind. I would be slowly moving while trying to keep a high cadence, and then I would turn around and zooooooooom. I felt like a Mazda...zoom, zoom, zoom! The hardest part about the ride was trying to stay on the road. Some of the wind gusts had me all over the place. There were at least 5 times where I was leaning real hard just to stay upright while turning the wheel inward. It was quite a good full body workout.

Hopefully the wind dies down a bit tonight so I don't have to suffer in it too much tomorrow. Okay, one last rant. We are in March now and the avg temp should be like 40F. It's 32F here today and a high of 31F tomorrow. Come on, just give me 40F, it would feel sooooooo nice. I also find it easier to ride in warmer temps and I feel much more motivated to ride harder and longer when the temps are up. The sun would be nice too!

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