Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It came out today! Even though it was 25F when I rode, it felt much warmer due to the fact that the yellow ball of fire came out for the first time in a while. The legs were quite snappy today. I felt good and am looking foreward to my legs feeling good again tomorrow. Spring is at the end of the tunnel. All we have to do is get through this cold spell for a few days and then we should be good to go. Temps in the 40's and maybe 50F for early next week! Unfortunately I think it is a little too late. I am leaning to believe that my first singletrack riding will be on my pre-ride down in TN in a couple weeks. Hopefully I'm not too rusty on my tech skills, or the course is tame.

If the sun shines again tomorrow I think I will be able to get some more time in than expected. With an open sky, the days seem a little longer so more time for me to ride. I have a long day at school tomorrow=more time cramming to get a ride in.

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